Announcing NewsgroupDirect’s Happy Hour Event

We changed the usenet industry with our Terabyte Tuesday promotion. Now we’re doing it again. Today we’re excited to announce the next big thing in usenet, the NewsgroupDirect Happy Hour. The first Happy Hour event will be tomorrow, March 20th, from 2PM until 4PM Eastern.

Each Happy Hour we will offer a steep discount on a single usenet plan. We won’t announce what the sale will be ahead of time, so you will have to watch the Happy Hour page to find out.

How To Purchase

You should watch the Happy Hour page to see what the special offer will be. If you have any questions during the sale then feel free to contact our support team.

Want To Know About Future Promotions?

Want to be the first in line to find out about Terabyte Tuesday, Happy Hour, and our other fantastic promotions? Join our Terabyte Tuesday mailing list. We respect your privacy, so you’ll only receive notifications about our promotions.

The Fine Print

The sale runs from 2 PM EDT on March 20 until 4 PM EDT on March 20. No sale prices will be honored after the sale expires. This sale price is only available to new customers.

11 comments on “Announcing NewsgroupDirect’s Happy Hour Event

  1. Jeff Conway

    “This sale price is only available to new customers”… then why did you send it to me???

  2. big lou

    ditto – why are current users getting promo info we can’t use? fail!

  3. Daniel

    Jim, I agree with the other posters. This promotion was very exciting while I was reading the email, clicking into here and reading the promotion until I read the very last line , then it was very disappointing and actually a little bit irritating. Please don’t send me any more for new customers only emails because they are a waste of my time and are a big disappointment. Thank you.

  4. Agree, waste of time. If I receive another offer like this I’ll strongly consider removing myself from the mailing list.

  5. Mr Angry of Tunbridge Wells

    I’ve got to agree with the previous posters – make the conditions of the offer very clear at the outset (or “at the get-go” as you American chaps might say).

    Toodle Pip.

  6. Jane Smith

    I was as surprised as the commenters above about the “Look at this nice deal… …that is not for you” sendout.

  7. mike

    Buy at the promo price and then cancel your current account.this “for new accounts only” is BS. Way too many Usenet resellers out there who’ll be happy have ex-newsgroupdirect accounts

  8. Matt

    Where has the Happy Hour page gone?
    Have you pulled it?

  9. Matt

    “NOTE: We’re having some caching issues on the site. Deal is still up until 4 PM EST. Keep refreshing if needed.”
    Okay – problem explained.

  10. Marty MacLeod frae Dundee.

    Ah agree wi’ mr radge ay tunbridge wells wa jist brain new customers only? cheerio th’ noo

  11. Thanks for the comments everyone. The Happy Hour promotion is brand-new and we’re still working out the kinks. Future promotions will be available for existing customers as well.