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Terabyte Tuesday!

Alright cool kids… here’s a new promotion that we’ve been cooking up. It’s called Terabyte Tuesday. A few Tuesdays each year we are going to offer our super awesome 1 TB usenet blocks for only $50. That’s a 50% discount over the regular price. We’re not going to announce which days are Terabyte Tuesdays ahead of time, so you’ll have to keep up with us on the NGD blog, our Facebook fan page, or our Twitter account

New Block Pricing & 33% Off Sale!

We’re excited to announce our new, lower priced block usenet accounts. We’ve dropped the price on every block account by at least 20%. We’ve also created 2 new block account options, a 250 GB level and a 1000 GB level.

Announcing Our Member Rewards Program

Ready to earn a little extra cash? Good, because that’s exactly what our Member Rewards Program is designed to help you do. Starting today our customers can begin earning credits toward the NewsgroupDirect accounts. Our rewards program is unique in the usenet industry and another example of how we take better care of our customers than anyone else.

Text Group Downsizing Discussion

The Big 8 is considering downsizing 198 text groups that they perceive as not being used. Please reply back to them in news.announce.newgroups, news.groups.proposals, or news.groups if you believe that those groups should be kept. Discussion on the removal of the groups is expected to last at least 8 weeks.

Binary Retention Reaches 810 Days

Our binary retention continues to climb into the stratosphere. We have zoomed past 800 days and are currently around 810 days and growing – that’s OVER 2 YEARS of articles. At a lowball average of 1.5 TB/day for the usenet feed, that means that our servers house an astounding 1.2 petabytes of data.

New Year’s Block Sale: 50% Off!

We’re ringing in the New Year at NewsgroupDirect. We’re having a special limited-time 50%-off sale on all of our block usenet accounts. Take this opportunity to stock up on your block accounts at this greatly reduced rate. The sale runs from Dec. 30, 2010 until Jan. 5, 2011 at 11:59PM EST. Here is the complete…Continue reading →

Black Friday Blowout – $8 Unlimited Usenet, Win an iPad!

We’re pulling out all the stops this year for our Black Friday special. Each year we raise the bar, and this year we’ve outdone ourselves yet again. We’re selling our famous unlimited usenet accounts for $8/month (a 60% discount off our regular price)! That’s $8/month for life, not an introductory rate. Signup now at…Continue reading →

700 Days of Retention

Just a quick retention update. Over the past couple of weeks we’ve zoomed past another milestone. We’re now offering over 700 days of binary retention. Our text group retention continues to push the envelope at over 1400 days.