New NGD Member Reward: Discounted VPN Access from Ghost Path VPN


Ghost Path VPN

We’ve got a really cool new reward for the best customers in usenet. Today we’re announcing that NewsgroupDirect has partnered with Ghost Path to offer discounted VPN access to NGD customers. NGD customers can get a monthly account from Ghost Path for just $6/month (the regular rate is $15/month). We believe that VPN is an important service for usenet customers, and all internet users in general.

What is VPN?

VPN stands for virtual private network. It’s a method of protecting your internet data by encrypting all of the data that you send and receive. When you connect to Ghost Path all of your traffic goes through one of their VPN services, which masks your actual IP address and hides your data. VPN is the best way to stay anonymous online.

It’s also particularly helpful when you’re using free wifi at a hotspot and are worried that someone may be trying to eavesdrop on your data. Identity theft continues to grow, and theft from data gathered at wifi hotspots is increasing.

VPN works well on any computer, many wifi routers, and your mobile devices. One account will protect everything you own.

How To Purchase

There’s a special page for NewsgroupDirect customers at Ghost Path. Just visit and signup. You’ll need to use the email address that you use for NewsgroupDirect as well as enter your username.


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