Binary Retention Now at 650 Days

We’re excited to announce that we just moved past 650 days of binary retention. NewsgroupDirect continues to push the envelope for usenet access, and this latest achievement further proves the point. We strive daily to provide the best service and features in the industry. The new retention is available immediately and is available to all of our accounts at no additional charge.

Retention is the number of days that a usenet post is stored on the usenet servers. 650 days of retention means that you will be able to see posts going back 650 days (nearly 2 years!) in binary groups. Text groups currently have over 1400 days of retention.

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3 Free Months for College Students

If you’re a college student and you’re strapped for cash (who isn’t?) then we’ve got a great solution for your usenet needs. We’re giving college students and faculty free accounts for 3 months. The free months can be used on any of our monthly subscription accounts, including our highly-rated unlimited account.

To get the free access simply enter coupon code ngdFall2010BTS on during the signup process on our site. You must use a .edu email address to qualify for the free months. Feel free to pass this coupon on to any of your friends or family in college.

College Student

New and Improved Free Trial

We’ve decided to make some changes to our free trial process. Our old free trial was for 14 days and 1 GB of usage. That system worked great, as it gave our users plenty of time to decide if our service was right for them, but the 1 GB usage limit caused a lot of customers to leave their free trial quicker than they anticipated. To improve that and to insure that we’re giving our customers as much information about our service as possible we’ve decided to change the free trial terms to 7 days and 15 GB of usage. The increased usage should allow our newest users to see how fast and reliable our servers are as well as the quality of our retention and completion.

We hope that you enjoy this new and improved free trial process. We believe that it will benefit our newest customers greatly.

Website Maintenance Tonight (UPDATED) will be unavailable tonight from 9 PM EST until 11 PM EST. We are going to be migrating the website to new servers and upgrading database configurations.

The usenet servers will not be affected by this downtime and will be available normally. The NGD helpdesk will also still be available.

Contact our support team with any questions or concerns.

UPDATE: Maintenance has been rescheduled for 9AM – 11AM EST July 5.

Announcing Our Partnership with StorageNinja

We are extremely excited to be able to offer a great new benefit to our users. NewsgroupDirect has partnered with StorageNinja, the online storage and backup service, to provide 30 GB of online storage for our new Unlimited account users. 30 GB of online storage and backup provides our users a secure, reliable way to backup their most critical files. It’s more important than ever to keep a backup of your critical files, and StorageNinja makes it easy. We recommend that you use your StorageNinja account to backup your personal documents and any other files that are critical to you.

We hope that you enjoy this great new benefit. NewsgroupDirect continues to innovate and provide the best benefits for our customers. We are passionate about providing our customers the best experience in usenet.

Details: StorageNinja will be automatically provided for any new Unlimited (monthly or yearly) accounts created on or after June 20, 2010. You will receive an email from StorageNinja with your account details after you register with NewsgroupDirect. At this time, only new Unlimited accounts will be given StorageNinja access. Any issues with your StorageNinja account should be directed to

Group Spotlight: Newsgroups for Legal Questions

An interesting collection of newsgroups that we carry is the legal groups. These are text groups that should not be overlooked when looking for answers to legal questions.

Law related newsgroups have users seeking for answers on some questions about law practices and other legal needs. Often, the discussions on newsgroups are categorized and this can surely help the users to find answers on their search. If you cannot find any discussions about your legal concern then you are free to start one; just make sure that it is in law-related newsgroup or it can be deleted by the administrators as off-topic or spam. Most administrators who establish and maintain legal related newsgroups are academic or professional institutions.

Usenet Court Tips

An example of a law related discussion is about competition law. Since this involves different perspectives on the participation of consumers and entrepreneurs on market economy, it is a must to know the ideas of other professionals on the different approaches that are available. You can really consider these groups as one of the largest legal resources available as it provides links on different research materials as well. Imagine getting this huge amount of materials on antitrust and trade regulations.

Newsgroup Retention Now at 600 Days!

We’re pleased to announce that our binary retention is now at 600 days! Our retention has been growing daily for months, and we?re continuing to set new records daily.

Binary Retention Details:
600 Days available through message-id
Over 300 Days available through header downloads
Varies by Newsgroup

Text Retention:
Approximately 1400 days
Varies by newsgroup