Retention Increased to 200 Days!

The NewsgroupDirect team is excited to announce that we are now at 200 days retention, and still growing. 200 days worth of retention is accessible through message id… so if you use nzb files or search using a newsreader with that capability then you’ll be able to fully utilize the retention. Retention through headers is about 175 days, and still growing daily. Thanks to all our customers for your continued support. We look forward to 2009 being the best year yet!

Black Friday Christmas Special – 40% Off

NewsgroupDirect is excited to announce our first-ever Day After Thanksgiving (aka Black Friday) sale! We are offering a whopping 40% lifetime discount for customers creating new accounts on Friday, Nov. 28. This includes subscription accounts and block purchases. So be sure to tell your friends, family, coworkers, neighbors, people you pass in the mall, and other complete strangers about this promotion! 🙂

To get the discount simply enter coupon code turkey2008 in the coupon code field during the signup process.

Happy Holidays from the NewsgroupDirect team!

Details: 40% off of the US full price on all purchases (block accounts and subscription accounts). This will be strictly for new customers. The sale prices will be given only on Friday, Nov. 28, no exceptions.

Retention Upgrades – 160 Days

We’re excited to announce the latest retenion upgrades at NewsgroupDirect. Binary retention is now up to a whopping 160 days, with text retention up to 1250 days. This is the retention that is available by retrieving headers in your favorite newsreader. You may be able to get more days of retention if you’re searching by message id.

Newsrover 14.1 Now Available

We now have the latest version of Newsrover, 14.1, available for download. We recomend all users move to this new version as soon as possible. This version includes an improved installer, which will eliminate installation issues that some users have reported in previous versions.

Other enhancements in the new version include support for Transport Stream (.ts) file sets and automatic RAR file handling.

Server Upgrades and Changes

We are happy to announce that we are migrating our Atlanta newsfarm to a new state-of-the-art newsfarm in Ashburn, VA. The new farm will provide our customers with longer retention, greater redundancy, and improved connectivity and speeds!

Over the next 24 hours your newsreaders will automatically start pointing to the new servers. You will need to reload headers in all of the groups that you subscribe to in order for articles to be retrievable. Please feel free to submit a support ticket if you have any problems due to the changes.